I Wish I Had Known

I’ve been teaching since 2013 and have learned a lot of things along the way. I started out as an English Teaching Assistant in public and private schools in Spain. Because of the demand for English teachers, I learned quickly how to create my own curriculum, lesson plans, and activities for a wide array of … Continue reading I Wish I Had Known

The Power of Persuasion

The power of persuasion comes naturally to some, especially for lawyers, account directors, and sales representatives. However, for others, sharpening this skill takes a lot of practice. Persuasive writing is used by writers to convince readers to adopt a new perspective. Writers make and support their claims or arguments with facts and evidence. Curious to … Continue reading The Power of Persuasion

The Zen of Writing

Writing is hard. It’s a skill that takes time and practice. In school, you’ll have your fair share of writing assignments that might feel more like a chore, but they don’t have to be if you dedicate time to plan and organize your thoughts. Below are some tips to help you feel more at ease … Continue reading The Zen of Writing

5 Myths about Learning and Teaching

Numerous myths surrounding education continue to emerge over the years. Myths like “teachers only take up teaching for the summer holidays” or “more homework means higher grades” are all too easy to believe; however, these myths, and many others, might be based on opinions that aren’t true. Today, we will touch upon five myths about learning and teaching that many might … Continue reading 5 Myths about Learning and Teaching

Q&A with Founder, Charmaine, and English Tutor, Bridgette: How Do You Keep Your Passion Alive?

Summer break has come and gone, and the beginning of a new school year is upon us. Some teachers have spent some of their summer break preparing for the new year of learning. You might be wondering: why would they do that? Well, it’s because teaching is their passion. Teachers chose their career for many … Continue reading Q&A with Founder, Charmaine, and English Tutor, Bridgette: How Do You Keep Your Passion Alive?

7 Tips for New Teachers

Being a new teacher can be both overwhelming and exciting. You’re navigating a new environment of teaching and managing a classroom whilst finding ways to connect with your peers. One thing to keep in mind as you embark on this new journey is that your day-to-day in the classroom will differ, because each day will … Continue reading 7 Tips for New Teachers