Ways to Keep Your Children Engaged at Home

Some of your children might be old enough to understand what’s going on in the world, whilst some are still quite young to know. Either way, making the most of their time at home is important for their physical and mental health. As a result of the circumstances, I want to provide you with some ways to keep your children engaged at home, subject to age.

Public Speaking Tips and Tricks

Although most of your coursework is dependent on passing tests, essays, and assignments, there will be times throughout the school year when you’ll have to do in-class presentations. Many of us feel confident speaking in front of others, while some of us have “stage fright”. Whether you are an experienced public speaker or a beginner, here are some public speaking tips that will help you prepare for your presentation.Engli

How to Stay Organized During the School Year

Welcome to a new year, everyone! Even though we’re halfway through the school year, I thought it would be best to highlight some handy tips on staying organized during the remainder of the year. 

December Writing Prompts

If you have been participating in our daily writing challenge for the past 12 months, we would like to congratulate you! It’s not easy writing for 365 days in a row, but you persevered and triumphed over your goals. We are proud of you! You have proven to us that you are dedicated to being the best writer and creative thinker you can be.

November Writing Prompts

Technology’s advancement has undoubtedly made many aspects of our lives simpler and more convenient. Today, it takes only seconds to greet a distant relative on social media, access valuable academic journals for a school assignment, and stay in the loop with what’s happening around the world. The internet has become a learner’s haven; however, it is important that we cautiously filter through the ideas that flow in abundance on our screens. For much of November’s daily writing prompts, we focus on media literacy and encourage you to reflect on how the media influences your daily choices and behaviors.

October Writing Prompts

Two of our most favorite holidays happen in the month of October: Canadian Thanksgiving and Halloween. So in the spirit of these two special occasions, we’ve compiled a list of questions that will encourage you to think about all the things you are thankful for and all the things that go bump in the night. (Pssst! We love a good scary story, so please share yours in the comment section below!)