Tips for Making the Most out of Your Reading

For many students, a chunk of their time is going to be spent reading books, articles, textbooks, and other forms of literature. If you’re a student who struggles with reading 50 pages in one sitting, you might find it difficult to retain much of the information you’ve read. As a result, you might feel underprepared in class discussions and in writing tests. However, what can appear impossible to do becomes possible with organization, strategy, and a lot of patience.

Self-Care for Students

As we are in the middle of October, I would like to shift our attention to Wellness Month. With technology all around us, and our devices constantly reminding us to check out the latest social media post or the next school assignment, Wellness Month reminds us to take care of ourselves both emotionally and physically. Especially during times of overwhelm and uncertainty, remember that there are a lot of ways you can take care of your physical and mental health.

Using Technology to Make You More Productive

While there is a lot of uncertainty in the world, one thing for certain is technology is and will remain a constant in our lives. Many people think of technology as a disadvantage, and while there might be many reasons for disfavoring it, there are also many ways it can benefit you as a student.

The Habits of the Most Successful People

Have you ever wondered why some people are more successful than others? You might think their success was bought by money or that it was inherited to them, but that’s not always the case. Much of what makes people successful are the habits they have cultivated over time. What are some of these good habits, you ask? 

Back to School, Back to Routines

It’s coming close to that time of the year again when students and parents brace themselves for their new back-to-school schedule. I know the first week of school can be intimidating, but I assure you that with some preparation, adjusting to your new schedule will go more smoothly. To help you establish order in your home, I’ve created a list of things you can do to get your child and yourself ready for the new school year.

Preparing for Back-to-School During COVID-19

As we near the end of the summer holidays and welcome the beginning of a new school year, families are facing challenges unlike the modern world has ever seen. With schools reopening amid COVID-19, some parents and guardians are debating on the best strategy to safely send their kids back to the classroom. Whatever the choice, I’d like to provide you with some tips to help your child stay healthy and safe as they go back to school.