Creative Writing

Many students have a difficult time expressing themselves in creative ways. The many rules of creative writing often overwhelm students rather than excite their creativity. The fear of writing a bad story eventually leads to insecurity and frustration.

Our tutors will break down the major elements of creative writing in a way that will make it easier for your child to apply them in their assignments. With the basics covered, your child will only have one thing to worry about: awakening their imagination to infinite possibilities.

Your child will learn how to:

  • read and write fictional and non-fictional narratives
  • apply the major elements of story writing, including characters, setting, plot, conflict, point-of-view, and theme
  • examine the purpose of themes, symbols, and motifs in prose and poetry
  • read and write various types of poems, including sonnets, haiku, free verse, odes, and ballads
  • improve their skills in grammar and spelling
  • enhance their vocabulary through daily reading and writing practices

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