Short Story Prompts by Common Themes

In “Short Story Prompts by Popular Genres”, Bridgette gave us a rundown of popular genres in literature and provided a list of fun writing prompts to inspire our next epic short story. Now, along with using genres to help you write a cohesive, purpose-driven short story, you can also center it around a specific theme.

Short Story Prompts by Popular Genres

A key component in writing a great short story is choosing a genre. Genre is a type of literature characterized by a specific style, form, or content. There are a variety of genres throughout literature and movies, which will be highlighted in this post.

How to Write an Epic Short Story

Unlike essays, which are long and require research, short stories are writings of fiction that are typically no longer than 8,000 words. It usually includes a protagonist (sometimes two), a plot structure, and a beginning-middle-end. Short stories are a lot of work, but once you are good at them, you will be able to succeed in other pieces of writing as well. As always, when writing, a clear purpose and audience for whom you are writing is beneficial.

Tips for Writing a Great Essay

For many, writing an essay can be a daunting task. A lot of time and dedication goes into writing a great one. If you fail to plan ahead, your mark will unfortunately reflect your lack of preparation. So, if you struggle with writing essays, whether it be for an assignment or a test, this post is for you!

Different Types of Essays

As we are at the end of the second week of online learning in Ontario, some of you may be writing essays and assignments for school. As a result, I want to touch base on the different types of essays that would be helpful to distinguish as you’ll likely encounter them throughout school.

How to Motivate Your Child to Read

I know, for some children, they either love reading or really dislike it. One simple question to ask your child is why doesn’t he/she like reading? Two common responses you might hear are: “Reading is hard!” or “Reading is boring!” This might be because they see reading as hard work, difficult, or uninteresting. So, how can parents encourage their children to read more at home?