We take pride in every victory our students achieve, whether they be big or small. It also brings us joy when they share these victories with us. A few are shared below.

The Literary Tutor has been exceptionally helpful in improving my writing. Last year, English was my worst subject, and I was having lots of trouble with my essay writing. This year, I decided to meet with my tutor every week, and the writing and reading skills I have acquired from her have allowed me to raise my average by 15%. I definitely recommend trying The Literary Tutor out.

Miles, Grade 11 Student

What sets Charmaine apart from the rest is not only her vast knowledge in the field, but also her familiarity with the current high school program and how easy and fun she makes learning English Literature. I would recommend her over and over again!
My son went from a 60 average to a 75 in just 2 months!

Ethan, Grade 10 Student

The Literary Tutor did a great job tutoring and mentoring my son, Jack. After finishing his ESL classes in school, he jumped straight into grade 10 academic English and had to complete the OSSLT. He was worried and afraid of not being able to catch up with the class’s pace, but with The Literary Tutor’s help, I definitely see more confidence in him.

Jason, parent (Jack, Grade 10 student)

Not all students click into new concepts as easily as others, but The Literary Tutor teaches with examples and strategies that everyone can relate to. I go to my lessons eager to learn, because every lesson is packed with valuable information, practical skills for me to use in my daily life, writing assignments that put me ahead of my class, and most of all, a lot of fun!

Krishiga, Grade 10 Student

English was one of my weakest subjects in school, but all the energy and passion that The Literary Tutor has for the English language inspires me to work harder in my studies. I am thankful for all the help and encouragement.

Crystal, Grade 12 Student

With The Literary Tutor, I wrote many different essays, critical reviews, autobiographies, and fictional stories. Because of our inspirational and fun lessons, I always looked forward to every session. I believe that academic success is easy when a student meets the right tutor, and The Literary Tutor undeniably made it easy for me. It was such an amazing and enjoyable experience.

Angel, Grade 11 Student