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We are English tutors helping students ignite their imagination through reading and discover their unique voice through writing. Our personalized one-on-one tutoring gives students the tools and encouragement they need to boost self-confidence, achieve academic success, and establish critical thinking skills that will allow them to see the world through brighter lenses.

What sets Charmaine apart from the rest is not only her vast knowledge in the field, but also her familiarity with the current high school program and how easy and fun she makes learning English Literature. I would recommend her over and over again!
My son went from a 60 average to a 75 in just 2 months!

Ethan, Grade 10 Student

The Literary Tutor has been exceptionally helpful in improving my writing. Last year, English was my worst subject, and I was having lots of trouble with my essay writing. This year, I decided to meet with my tutor every week, and the writing and reading skills I have acquired from her have allowed me to raise my average by 15%. I definitely recommend trying The Literary Tutor out.

Miles, Grade 11 Student