The Habits of the Most Successful People

Have you ever wondered why some people are more successful than others? You might think their success was bought by money or that it was inherited to them, but that’s not always the case. Much of what makes people successful are the habits they have cultivated over time.

What are some of these good habits, you ask? 

Wake up early

The early birds reading this know that waking up early starts your day off on a positive note by giving you energy and boosting your productivity. As a result, you are able to complete tasks that might take up more time, like studying for an upcoming test or practicing for a presentation. You’ll also have more time for yourself like going for a walk, working out, or having a nutritious breakfast.

Practice self-care

Taking care of yourself reminds you and others that your needs are important as well. If you take care of your physical health, your mental health will follow. When asked by a Reddit user about the daily habit that has had the most positive impact in his life, Elon Musk answered: “Showering” (Probasco, 2018). Sometimes, it’s the simplest acts of kindness toward yourself that has the most positive impact on your mindset.

Stay organized

We’re required to adopt many roles, which means we must learn to balance tasks efficiently and effectively. This can sometimes be difficult, but organizing your life will help you will feel more in control and less stressed. Keep your desk free of unnecessary paper and keep your folders with important documents stacked neatly. By putting everything in its place, you’re freeing up much-needed time for the things you actually need to get done.

Read a lot

Reading a variety of books, articles, and newspapers will help you grow “mentally, emotionally and psychologically” (Sharma, 2020). It also helps broaden your interests and connects you to the experiences and events the people in what you are reading may be experiencing. For many English language learners, reading also imparts valuable lessons that show how much work goes into composing and editing any piece of writing.


There is a lot going on in the world and being caught up in it can be stressful. Taking some time to relax is beneficial. Knowing when to stop and decompress is crucial to your success, since it will give you greater control of your mental state and give you clarity when you are tackling your goals. You can relax by practicing the art of meditation. Simply focus on your breathing for a few minutes, and you will notice your mind shift into a more relaxed state.

Get enough sleep

It’s so important to get the recommended hours of sleep. This needs to be a steadfast routine in your life. So many of us skimp out on sleep for the sake of writing papers, studying for exams, or even going out. When asked about how much sleep Kobe Bryant gets, he said: “I used to get by on three or four hours a night. I have a hard time shutting off my brain. But I’ve evolved. I’m up to six to eight hours now…it gives me more energy to spend time with my family.” (Galanes, 2014). Bryant understood the importance of shutting down and giving his brain a break.

Fail forward

Everybody fails, but it’s your attitude and what you do afterwards that counts the most. Anna Harrington, an American author, stated: “If you don’t internalize failure in a way that paralyzes you, it is very empowering. You say: “Hey, I failed. But I’m here, and I’m healthy…life is ahead of me. Suddenly, you’re willing to take even bigger risks.” (Gaines, 2014). As humans, we’re expected to make errors, but successful people learn from their mistakes and are always ready to pick themselves back up and try again.


With these practices, you can shift to a success mindset that will take you well beyond your academic years. It will build you up for success and help your personal growth. Try these habits for at least a month and see how quickly your life can change.



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